We are a specialized commercial law firm with a credible track record in various areas of law, including dispute resolution (litigation & arbitration), corporate/commercial law, intellectual property, maritime, real estate, insolvency and general business advisory, taxation, media & entertainment, and emerging markets.

We place a premium on Client satisfaction, tailoring legal service to meet Client’s specific business needs. We advise private individuals and corporations in accordance with the finest ethics of the profession.

The Firm operates a twenty-four-seven (24/7) Clients-response design that enables current and prospective Clients have direct access to relate with us; even as we remain poised to promptly attend to Clients’ instructions within and outside jurisdiction, at all times, through our network of professionals and affiliates, clad with specific-industry expertise required to ensure that Clients’ diverse needs are favourably met.

We are proud to say that the Firm has built enduring relationships with public officials and government regulatory agencies and parastatals providing legal services in almost every discipline. Our blend of experiences enables our lawyers to attend to legal assignments and referrals in virtually all known areas of Legal practice.


The SMB story is one of three friends coming together to build an enduring legacy of legal service delivery in a dynamic way, to suit the unique needs of our modern world. Having had the benefit of traditional law practice, we apply our creative and innovative minds to our traditional experience, and offer our Clients a hybrid of distinct legal service.

Our logo which consists of our initials, ‘SMB’ come together in a handshake, signifying the value we place on friendship, which we always extend to our Clients. The logo is also a shield and shows how we value and guard our Clients’ interests. As a knight trusts his shield, so can our Clients trust us to protect their business and personal interests.

Our brand colours represent our vision for the Firm. Green signifies growth, balance, and harmony; Gold depicts prestige, quality and success, whilst White shows our positivity, precision and clarity.


At SMB, we are:

  • Pragmatic and result-oriented;
  • Innovative, and understand our Client’s business;
  • Simple and Agile;
  • Prudent and cost-effective

To consistently deliver excellent, innovative and cost-effective legal solutions in a dynamic and timely manner.